Our Mission

Tandek Exchange your mind is an agency that provides services for programs that primarily focus on Albanian students who want to benefit from cultural exchange experiences, to form and qualify outside of Albania to be prepared to cope with the challenges and dynamics of globalization. Our mission is through our programs to help people understand, absorb knowledge and develop their skills in order to live in harmony with the diversity of the world and to cope with the challenges of globalization.

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Extraordinary Experiences

Tandek was founded in February 2013 and continues to operate as a successful agency that ensures quality, reliability, accuracy, and reliability in the services it provides. Tandek provides professionalism, accuracy, and reliability in the services it provides.

“I remember all the emotions in the early days of our center’s creation and I’m just as passionate nowto offer the best possible counseling experience.”

Erion Kosovrasti, Co-Founder

Our Core Values

Extraordinary Experiences

Tirana Study Fair is being organized online for the first time and it is meant to be the biggest educational virtual fair in Albania covering countries like Albania and Kosovo. 

We Deliver: