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Whether you need private instruction or prefer learning in a small group setting, Hansa Language Centre creates the ideal environment for language studies. Our English programs are based on the principle that students learn best in a language program that can be customized to their unique linguistic needs and goals.

Hansa uses a “Flexible Learning System” and offers over 300 classes daily. Students have the freedom to choose the classes they want and the time they want to take them. Hansa students benefit from the advice of experienced counselors, the instruction of accredited teachers, and the choice of a variety of subjects.

Upon arrival at Hansa Language Centre, every student takes a placement test and undergoes an interview with one of our student counselors. The placement test evaluates grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension skills. The interview assesses the student’s speaking and listening abilities and helps us design the best study program for their needs. Students meet regularly with counselors to discuss their study program and progress. Follow-up tests and interviews are scheduled to monitor progress and determine when class changes are needed.

After successfully completing an English program at Hansa, many students go on to take Hansa’s programs for Academic Preparation,  (TOEFL or IELTS) Exam Preparation, or Teacher Training. Many also choose to further their studies at one of Hansa’s partner language schools, high schools, colleges, or universities. By using Hansa’s “Flexible Learning System” and following the “English Only” policy, it’s common for students to achieve a university-level English proficiency within months.


Excellent, qualified teachers

Students can study what they need with Hansa’s Flexible Learning System

Hansa students consistently outscore other language students on TOEFL, TOEIC and IELTS exams

An average of only 9 students per class

Both of Hansa’s campuses are conveniently located in midtown Toronto, steps from Eglinton subway station

Awesome weekend trips and daily activities

Hansa is a fun and friendly school

Hansa is recognized by Languages Canada and the MTCU; our full-time students are eligible for student visa authorization

Hansa has liaisons with over a dozen Canadian high schools, colleges, and universities as well as scholarship opportunities

Hansa operates two complete buildings, with modern and comfortable furnishings, computer labs and free WiFi

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